ZUDIE GROUP is a company specialising in the strategic placement and recruitment of international talent, particularly in the US and Canada. Our team uses innovative search methods to identify, attract and match the needs of organisations with the best talent in a variety of industries and fields of study.

ZUDIE GROUP has sufficient international resources and local expertise to help you make your dreams come true, while supporting you in building your business case.


“Unleash the potential of talent and be a bridge to a better world”


To enable the discovery of opportunities by providing consistently superior recruitment solutions

Zudie Group does:

  • Recruitment of skilled workers for the Canadian labor market
  • Recruitment of qualified students for Canadian universities
  • Public awareness of U.S. Immigration laws, regulations, and processes


INTEGRITY : We follow the highest standards of professional ethics, openness, and honesty

RESPECT : We always treat others the way we would like to be treated

TEAMWORK : We are “One Team, One Dream” that gains strength from our professional, cultural, and geographic diversity

FUN : We follow our heart to enjoy a fulfilling life with work that is meaningful

KAIZEN : We proactively seek to improve ourselves and our service quality to exceed client expectations with forward-looking ideas

ACCOUNTABILITY : We take ownership and initiative in seizing opportunities and honor our promises and commitments

BOLDNESS : We are driven, ambitious, enthusiastic, and adventurous, and are not afraid to learn from failure

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